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Personal injury accidents can be complicated and overwhelming. Blaine Norris, Your Athens, GA Personal Injury Attorney, can help.
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Personal injury accidents can be frightening, overwhelming and complicated with tragic consequences for victims and their families. Consulting with an Athens personal injury attorney should be one of your family's top priorities. Insurance companies typically don't make something right without a fight. They've got experienced adjusters and lawyers on call working to deny your claim, minimize your loss, or shield their side from liability. Don't go it alone.


Get an experienced, aggressive trial lawyer and his team in your corner. Blaine, and his assistants Brian and Krystal, have what it takes to fight and win. For the last 16 years, Blaine been in private practice and recovered millions of dollars in civil judgments and settlements. He is skilled at selecting juries, handling tough witnesses and actually trying cases. He loves being in the courtroom. Blaine is a member of Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA), the American Association for Justice (AAJ), the Western Judicial Circuit Bar Association (he was on the Board of Governors 2007-2008 and its President 2011-2012), and has been listed as "Top Attorneys" by Georgia Trend Magazine (2012), and by the National Trial Lawyers as "Top 100 Trial Lawyers" (2014), and has as 10.0 in Personal Injury by AVVO. He serves as a trial practice instructor at the UGA School of Law. Choose your champion wisely, and get our team in your corner!

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Nursing Home Liability

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Blaine Norris

Blaine Is Admitted In:

  • State of Georgia Bar ('97)
  • Georgia Supreme Court ('98)
  • Georgia Court of Appeals ('98)
  • US Court of Appeals 11th Circuit ('08)
  • US District Court, Northern District of Georgia ('98)
  • US District Court, Middle District of Georgia ('00)

About Blaine

Blaine is a trial lawyer with an expertise in personal injury cases. He graduated with honors from the University of Georgia School of Law and went on to begin practice in Atlanta. He relocated to Athens with a passion for serving the community he loves. Blaine and his family are members of Redeemer Presbyterian Church.

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Auto Accidents

When you or a loved one is involved in a car accident, the financial hardships that result can put an added strain on the mental and physical pain already endured. That's where the auto accident attorney at Wiggins Norris Coffey come in. The last thing you need is to try to negotiate your claim and damages with a trained insurance adjuster who is employed in a way that rewards or encourages him to deny your claim or underestimate its value.

Bike and Pedestrian Accidents

When you are sharing the road with vehicles or using a crosswalk, the last thing you should have to worry about is being struck by a motor vehicle, but unfortunately these horrific accidents do happen, and when they do you can trust the expertise of our bike accident attorney and pedestrian accident lawyers at Wiggins Norris Coffey.

Motorcycle Accidents

"Look twice. Save a life." If all drivers did it, you wouldn't need a personal injury lawyer as much as you'd need a clear day, a mountain road, and a weekend off to ride. But fact is, despite motorcycles being more popular than ever, people still manage to not pay significant enough attention to the SIGHT and SOUND of the biker. You are not borrowing the American road: It is your road, too!

Nursing Home Liability

When you make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home or assisted care facility, you do your best to make sure that it will be the best possible environment for them. So when this trust is violated and your loved one's well being is jeopardized by negligence, you need a skilled nursing home abuse attorney  to seek justice and ensure that this will never happen again.

Premises Liability

Owners and occupiers of land and buildings owe a duty to their patrons and those visiting their sites to have reasonably safe premises and not expose their patrons to unjustified risk. Whether it is a retail store, a gas station or convenience store, or an apartment complex, the issues that arise when an injury is sustained there are serious and complicated. If an owner or tenant fails to take adequate steps to maintain a safe environment, an injured patron may very well have a claim against the negligent owner.

Truck Accidents: 18 Wheeler

The truck accident lawyers at Wiggins Norris Coffey understand that a collision with a commercial truck usually involves a myriad of factors that are not necessarily common in a typical automobile accident. In some cases, these collisions are caused by fatigued, under trained, or overextended truck drivers; or the unsafe, improperly regulated maintenance or operation of their vehicles.

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