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Child Custody Attorney

In or after a divorce, the most important issues center around children: Who has physical custody of the child? Who makes the primary life decisions for the child? Who pays the tab and how? For good reason, these issues are and should be subject to aggressive litigation. They are issues worthy of serious inquiry and attention, requiring an experienced child custody attorney to help you make the right decision for your children.

Physical and legal custody of a child creates sensitive, serious and complex issues. At the end, Courts and parents should and hopefully will focus on the child's best interests, not the parents. But that is little more than a hollow slogan if you do not have a child custody attorney who will aggressively and diligently prepare the case to get the question properly answered.

In situations like these, where children are at the center of the discussion, emotions and feelings can run rampant. It is so crucial to have a child custody attorney who can stay focused on the plans and goals laid out for the children involved without letting the emotional intensity of the situation affect their decisions.

Once the custody question is answered, we still must address the complicated decisions about a sustainable financing framework for the best interest of the child. This is what is known as child support.

Our accomplished child custody attorneys have practiced family law for nearly a decade and have worked exclusively in family law. Our child custody attorneys are the right choice for any family having to make these difficult decisions.

We can discuss your options with you, and we promise to litigate aggressively, but sensibly, for you in these matters. Ultimately, all domestic matters are considered on a case-by-case basis within a framework allowing for broad judicial discretion. We thank you for considering how we might assist you and your family with these issues. Please call our child custody attorneys to set up a personal meeting to discuss your case.